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Appearance of Prince Henry Sinclair's Ship


First, my name is not O'Grady.

There is ample evidence as to what Prince Henry's ship looked like.  The
Scandinavians, not all of whom were Vikings, used two basic ships.  For
raiding they used a warship, but for trading they used a stubby, wider,
vessel called the kn=F6rr, which originally had a single mast.

My brother Robert Green, who is on the Board of the Prince Henry Sinclair
Society of North America, researched the subject in depth before ordering
construction of a replica of Prince Henry's ship.  Robert, a structural
engineer,  has engineering degrees from two Ivy League universities and
degrees from other American institutions of higher learning as well.  He
worked with the late Pete Cummings of Worcester, Massachusetts, on the matter
of a replica of Prince Henry's ship.  I helped with the research of the
subject at the Library of Congress and also worked with the National
Geographic Society in Washington, D.C.

The mother of Prince Henry descended from two different Norwegian kings, and
he himself, as a jarl or Earl, was a vassal of the King of Norway.  The point
is that it is not difficult to pinpoint ships being used at the time of the
voyage of Prince Henry. The replica is modeled on a Bremen Cog, a ship with=20a
rudder and high stern, with two masts and a bowsprit.

Susan Sinclair Grady

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