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Sinclair dates

1961: Tanganyika, gains independence from Britain.

Sinclair involvement in Zanzibar and Tanzania  is long and well documented
unlike the inventions of some of the so called Sinclair history available on
the net.

The British resident in Zanzibar from 1922 - Dec 1923 was  John Houston
Sinclair  (b. 1871 - d. 1961)

>From 1503 AD to 1698 AD     Zanzibar  was a  Portuguese possession.
In 1698  Zanzibar part of Oman.
14 Sep 1806  Al īBu Sa`id lineage from Oman begins to rule Zanzibar.
 6 Apr 1861  Zanzibar separated from Oman and style Sultan recognized  by
U.K. mediation.
17 Feb 1885  Zanzibar declared German protectorate.
 7 Nov 1890 British protectorate; accepted by Germany in exchange for
Helgoland in the North Sea.
 1 Jul 1895   Coastal domains of Zanzibar become Kenya Protectorate under
U.K. (and are relinquished to Kenya upon Kenya's independence 12 Dec 1963).
24 Jun 1963 Zanzibar self-rule.
10 Dec 1963 British protectorate terminated (Sultanate of Zanzibar).
12 Jan 1964  People's Republic of Zanzibar
27 Apr 1964 United with Tanganyika.

Dr Anthony R.E. Sinclair is a Research Ecologist looking at what causes
changes in populations and ecosystems. This includes food, supply,
predators and predation, and disease. He also works in Australia on
conservation of rare marsupials and in the Yukon, Canada, on snowshoe hare
cycles and boreal forest ecosystems.

He was born in Zambia,  spent the first ten years of his life at Dar es
Salaam, Tanganyika (now Tanzania) on the tropical African coast. His
ambition is to set up a long-term monitoring system on the ecology of the
Serengeti Plain-to be run by dedicated and trained Tanzanians.
Among his works are;. Serengeti: Dynamics of an Ecosystem. Edited by M.
Norton-Griffiths. University of Chicago Press, 1979.

Serengeti II: Dynamics, Management, and Conservation of an Ecosystem. Edited
by Peter Arcese. University of Chicago Press, 1995.

and of course B. African Sport Angling Adventures owned and run by Wayne
Sinclair, a man who can roll cast 20 metre with a 2 metre leader,  operates
through East Africa.  Anyone want to fish for African trout can contact him
on 012-3474628 in Mozambique. His Ndole Bay Lodge on Lake Tanganyika
excellent accommodation & facilities. You can catch Goliath Tiger of up to
45 kg, and Lake Perch of 26 kg. and plenty of other species.


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