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Sinclair dates

 Today in 1756  British troops under Robert Clive occupied Fulta, India.
There are many Sinclair connection with the Raj here are two;

1 Mar 1640 Madras became an English possession  1640 -1652  subordinate to
Bantam (in the East Indies) 1652 -1655  Presidency of Madras 1684
Presidency of Madras 10 Sep 1746 - Aug 1749  French occupation 20 Oct 1774
part of British India 15 Aug 1947 part of independent India

the Governor from 30 Oct 1912 - 29 Mar 1919  was John Sinclair, Baron
Pentland  (b. 1860 - d. 1925) he was Scottish Secretary in 1905 the post was
upgrader in 1926 to Secretary of State for Scotland. In 1931 that post was
held by Sir Archibald Sinclair

a collection of John Sinclair's, the Baron Pentland correspondence is in
National Archives of Scotland under reference : RH4/97 and also Cambridge
University: Churchill Archives Centre under reference : SAUN NRA 18610

24 Feb 1826  ceded to U.K. by Burma 1826 -1832  part of Bengal 1832
princely state restored 1838 - 1874  part of Bengal 16 Oct 1905  part of
province of East Bengal and Assam 1912  Assam became a separate province
15 Aug 1947  part of independent India

The Governor  from 3 Apr 1921 - 10 Oct 1922 was Sir William Sinclair Marris


ref National Register of Archives

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