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Re: Orcadians and the HBC

      And some were victims of H.B.C. "press Gangs". William definitely 
was not and he considered Nahoway his Real wife, a rare occurrence in 
those days.

Rory Sinclair wrote:

>Orcadians were chosen not just because of being used to nasty weather, but
>because they were considered reliable.
>Reliability for the HBC in those days meant taking on a HBC post for 20
>years or so without  going home and without going crazy.  Many married
>aboriginals and had an "away" family which rarely went home with the retired
>factor (HBC post manager) Some men stayed on,  many did not.  As an aside,
>in the 19th and early 20th Century, some of  the hottest aboriginal
>archeological finds were made in Orkney  --- some things that had been
>shipped home decades before no longer existed in North America.
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