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Sinclair Family Tree

I have been a silent member for several years. I'm interested in
toni Sinclair's research and also in Mike Sinclair's request for
information. My husband,Peter has his family tree traced to Finlay
Sinclair - no dates for him, but he was married to Christina McNabb. Thye
lived at Lawers, Breadalbane District, Perthshire., on shores Lock
Tay near Killin.Parish records of perthshire around 1750 indicate that
a number of Sinclairs were originally McNacairds. ( According to The
Surnames of Scotland in the New York Public Library, "In Argyllshire
the name sunclair is used asn an Englishing og the Gaelic Mac na cearda)
All this is quoted from our copyof the Family tree.

We have no records prior to finlay Sinclair, and are very interested in
Toni's wonderful research.We 'll be happy to "meet " more cousins.WE do
enjoy the discussion list Thanks toall those involved.

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