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Re: Sinclair and the holly blood


Thursday, November 28, 2002, 7:17:10 PM, you wrote:

>>If anyone is basing any ideas on Gardner, one of the main proponents
>>of the 'holy blood' concept:

> Interesting coincidence of surname with Gerald Gardner (1884-1964),
> who invented, rediscovered, or documented (depending on who you believe),
> the old religion of Wicca.
>  http://www.geraldgardner.com/

 I must apologise to John. I replied to a post of his, and somehow I
 managed to convince my email program TheBat! that I was really John
 and that it was him sending my email (this was done by hitting
 Redirect instead of Reply, not easy to do but I did it).

 I've seen a statement that Laurence is Gerald's son, another that
 they are kin, but I have no idea how much credence to put on either.
 But it wouldn't be surprising.


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