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Re: Re: Sinclair and the holly blood

Dear Delia,

I feel that the information contained in Rex Deus is presented as it was
given to the authors. I have mixed feelings about the contents as to certain
parts. There is a ring of truth to the fact that these families were
attempting to preserve a bloodline. The reason that this bloodline was being
preserved is for the individual to decide when examining the evidence. As
with any other work of research, there is going to be controversy. I do not
hold myself up as the final judge as to information presented. I only have
beliefs and feelings on a personal level. Is history ever 100% acurate? Last
evening I attended a club meeting in which a historian spoke which stated in
a manner of fact that our history books in America are dramatically flawed
as to the heroes and their ledgends. I was already aware of this. We
research and study all subjects and certainly want truth. The search for
truth continues every day. Accuracy is in the mind of the beholder.

My best to you and all,


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