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Re: William Sinclair, Rosslyn Chapel, Knights Templar

Hi Jamie,

I'm guessing, like Glen, that you mean St.Giles Cathedral in
Edinburgh, magnificently restored by Lord Provost of Edinburgh,
William Chambers, in 1883 (unfortunately for William, the first
service after the reopening of the new St.Giles' was his funeral -
he had died only three days before the grand old church was 

There are a few Sinclair connections within the Cathedral that I
am aware of, viz;

Memorial Plaque to "The 4th Royal Garrison Artillery who fell in The
Great War [1914-18]" :  "Gunner J W P Sinclair".

Memorial Plaque to "The 2nd Royal Fusiliers - South African War
1899-1902" : "Private J Sinclair".

But also, if you visit the Thistle Chapel (built in 1911 for Scotland's
order of chivalry, the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the
Thistle), at the eastern end of the Preston aisle, you will see the
knights' stalls, with their enamelled crests and helms affixed to
the elaborately carved wooden walls.   As you enter the chapel
(a mere 37 feet by 18 feet), look to the very first row of crests
to your immediate left - there is the Sinclair crest in all its glory.
(This is from memory - I have video of the crest from our visit in
April 2001, but the recorder has recently gone to the big video
graveyard in the sky, so I cannot check the accuracy of that
statement for you, sorry!)

Every year there takes place the annual service of the Knights of
the Thistle, on the Sunday on or following St.Andrew's Day (30th
November - TIM Wallace-Murphy please note!), during which 
heralds in their colourful tabards enter the cathedral in procession
prior to the service.

Lastly, if you view the Cathedral from Calton Hill, the Pentland
Hills rise up behind - another Sinclair connection!

I hope that is of assistance,


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

References: "St.Giles' Cathedral" (A Pitkin Cathedral Guide)
                   Published 1994, reprinted 2000. ISBN 0 85372 629 9

                   "William and Robert Chambers: 1800-1883"
                   by A Turnball.   Pub. 1969 by W&R Chambers,

                   - and....... my own records! 

At 11:10 PM 22/11/02 -0600, Jamie Giles wrote:
>I have always had great interest in your lineage and the history of the
Sinclairs, Rosslyn Chapel, and The Knights Templar are just some of my
favorite.  I also want to know more about all the Cathedrals that are
associated with these Knights, one in particular being Giles Cathedral.

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