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Sinclair and the holly blood

The authors of Holy Blood-Holy Grail, and other scholars believe that the
gospels are suspect to the theory of the survival of Lord Jesus Christ.
Before sensationalising unproven and un provable myths and romances there
should be some basis in fact.

Attacking the very basis of Judea-Christian tradition with tales wrapped in
hidden mysteries known only to the inter circle of those who have received
some bolt from the blue should be supported by sterner stuff than funny hats
and old fashioned cloaks

The hypothesis that the Lord Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion has been
booted about for a long time. Claims exist from Japan, France and India that
the Son of the living God was among them sometimes with sometimes without
Mary Magdalene. Is their any credible evidence that supports these theories?
Can anybody point to convincing facts? The paraphernalia that surround many
religious groups is open game with its medieval practices and arcane

The small town of Shingo (formerly Herai) in Japan maintains that Jesus not
only escaped crucifixion, but also actually travelled across Asia into North
America , finally settling in Herai, Japan where He fathered several
children, invented the Japanese phonetic alphabet (katakana), and died at
the age of 106.  You can even visit His grave today! It is marked with a
blue and white road sign in English and Japanese that proclaims "The Tomb of

An ancient text, ostensible The Last Will and Testament of Daitenku Taro
Jurai, aka Jesus Christ, aka Yehoshua Ben Yosef, this will was allegedly
discovered in Ibaraki Prefecture, just north of Tokyo in 1935. It was
straight away seized by the pre-War authorities and disappeared during the
ensuing chaos obliterated by American bombing in WWII.  (The copies still
They're a memorial to members of the Sawaguchi family, which owns the tomb
site. There is the claim that Sawaguchis are related to Christ.

There is another claimed tomb for the Lord Jesus Christ in Kashmir, Northern
India, and is called the Roza Bal

The French claims centres around Rennes le Château and a young Parish priest
Bérenger Saunière. The claim is that the Holy Grail of fable and myth has
its meaning hidden in the French words for Holy Grail:
SAN GREAL = Holy Grail. Re arrange the letters SANG REAL = Blood Royal, the
royal blood line

Historical research claimed that proof was found that the line of David,
Jesus' bloodline, existed in Europe during Medieval Times.

Myth? Fact? Wishful thinking? The only unshakable fact is that God is a fact
if by nothing else but definition. He is conceived as the perfect,
omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal
object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions. Or He is the force,
effect, or a manifestation of the unmoved mover. It is as illogical not to
believe as to believe and the name you call Him is unimportant..

Whether He is anthropomorphic or not is the decisive question that is for
each man to answer for himself.

The Sinclair Church of God in Christ, A Mennonite Church in Sinclair,
Manitoba Canada the life of The Venerable Margaret Sinclair that the Roman
Church hold out to us as an example. John and Suzanne Sinclair in Ontario
Canada with their open air evangelical preaching and Daniel Sinclair, a law
professor at Tel Aviv University who specializes in Jewish bioethical issues
and the interpretation of the Torah all give us the true way. Why is the
true way for each of these people different?


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