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Re: Islay research

Lovely hearing from you Connie!  I haven't forgotten your Grey/Bruce Co.
Sinclairs, and I do work on that puzzle from time to time, but I got really
sidetracked with  this Archibald branch, and its taken about a year to track
it down.  I knew that it was the best possibility to find the
MacNokaird/Sinclair connection on Islay, at least.   I'm just finishing off
the research on this family (through "Scotlandspeople" website) which seems
to have ended with the grandsons not marrying!
This sort of mirrors the New Orleans branch, where the last four children
did not marry or have children.  But that's another story - and SO
I'll be happy to send the images to you, and if John would like to add them
to the story, just say the word.

Best regards,

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> Dear Toni,
> Again all of us from Islay must truly thank you. Your perseverance and =
> innovations in demystifying our family history have been absolutely =
> remarkable!

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