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Rev. Dugald Sinclair

I found a very interesting website on the history of the Baptist Church =
which some of you will enjoy.  The Rev. Dugald Sinclair (I think he came =
from Oban, or Tiree) was one of the earliest ministers, who struggled =
for many years before leaving Argyllshire for the wilds of Ontario in =
1831.  He settled in Middlesex County, where he continued to preach for =
the rest of his life.

I've been corresponding with a Professor Donald Meek of the University =
of Edinburgh, who has written about this Dugald S. and says he was a =
fascinating character.

Someone on this list has asked about Sinclairs who settled in Middlesex =
Co.  Was it you, Kozy?  I hope you enjoy reading it.


Toni Sinclair,

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