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Re: 11.11.18 & now

Pardon me, but I fail to see the relevance of this thread as it pertains 
to the subject matter of this list, or am I missing something?

Donald Sinclair
On Tuesday, November 12, 2002, at 08:56 AM, Sally Spangler wrote:

> The war on terrorism is a piece of propaganda. What may be happening now
> in Afghanistan is one thing, the war on terrorism itself - is still
> happening.  It is not not going to stop because America chooses to go to
> war in Iraq. Terrorists do not need a base - a country/homeland. They
> act from the conviction that they love/hate whatever and will show
> everyone who does not ascribe to their love/hate just how intensely they
> can show the others. Terrorists are not an army/navy/air force. They
> move quietly from place to place performing hit and run attacks on the
> rest of us. Northern Ireland is a war of terrorism. They see the English
> and the separation of Northern Ireland from the rest of the island as a
> very real extrudence of being Irish. The Protestants, want to keep
> themselves separate.  They have been in NI some families since 1600

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