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Sinclair School of Nurshing

I am happy to provide you with this information on the naming of the MU
Sinclair School of Nursing. Taken from school historical files.

In 1955, MU was named as beneficiary in the wills of Charles and Josie Smith
Sinclair, who died in 1959 and 1964, respectively. Upon the death of Josie
Sinclair, the University of Missouri received 979 acres in Boone and
Callaway counties in Missouri with 563 of those acres designated as the
Charles and Jose Sinclair Farm. The will directed that the Sinclair Fund
endowment income was to be used for a "home for nurses" in memory of the
Sinclairs, with their names to be inscribed or placed on the nurses' home.
Charles Sinclair, who sustained serious injuries in a buggy accident and in
a train wreck, employed a nurse in the household for many years. "Charles
and Josie valued highly the assistance, nursing care and friendship they
received from nurses who assisted Charles following his injuries and in
maintenance of his and Josie's health," says his great-niece Susan Cason
Gille, BSN '64, MS '70, of Maryville, Mo.

A May 1994 court ruling clarified how the proceeds may be used in accordance
with the Sinclair's will. Noting that the demand or market for a home (or
dormitory) for nurses at MU is no longer practical or needed, the Circuit
Court Judge ruled that the charitable intent of the Sinclairs was a general
one, to benefit nursing students. Therefore, the income from the endowment
was divided equally into two funds. One fund supports the School of Nursing
with furnishings, equipment, renovations, maintenance, remodeling or
expansion. The second fund provides financial aid to School of Nursing
students.  In October 1994, in recognition of the Sinclair family, the
School of Nursing was renamed The Charles and Josie Smith Sinclair School of
Nursing, and a plaque honoring the couple was placed in the entrance to the
school. In 2000, the official title of the School was listed as the MU
Sinclair School of Nursing.

Charles and Josie Sinclair were born and reared in Boone County Missouri.
Charles Sinclair pronounced his name as though it were spelled Sinkler.
Local folks always referred to him using the pronunciation of Sinkler. Josie
was a Smith and was reared in or near Columbia. Charles was referred to as
Charlie and the 563 acre home place would be known as the Charles and Jose
Sinclair Farm. The home place is where they lived most if not all of their
married lives and where they were living at the time of their deaths. The
Sinclairs had no children.

Caroline Davis, MS, RN
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Your search for historical significance of the Sinclairs is most remarkable
and interesting. I am referring your request to put the information on your
reading list to Pam Roe, Director of External Affairs for the school. She
would be the person who can officially release this type of information.
Thank you for your interest and best of luck.

Caroline Davis, MS, RN
University of Missouri-Columbia
MU Sinclair School of Nursing
S450 School of Nursing bldg
Columbia, MO  65211
Phone: (573) 882-0252
Fax: (573) 884-4544


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