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Re: Pete Cummings

I think I was mistaken when I said this file was written by Pete C. By
looking closer I can see that this file was maintained by Pete.
To find this go to the clan Sinclair web site. On the bottom of the page
there is a site index. Open this up and you will find a line that says,
Bibliography of theSinclair Genealogy Resources. When this page comes up
scroll down a bit and you will find file #107 John Sinclair of Exeter and
his Decendants.
If you do not have this file then perhaps you could help me anyway. What I
am really interested in is the line chart for John Sinclair going back to
650 as mentioned in the description of this file. If you have any advice on
how to get this kind of information this would also do the trick.
I want to thank you for responding to my message.
Lisa Hunter WI USA
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> Lisa,
> from where did you get that file # you gave in your first message? I have
> most of Peter Cummings material but I can't find any file with that

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