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Halloween contribution

Since I will be away from my computor at halloween, I wish to make a =
contribution of one of my poems for that occasion. Happy Haunting!


The ebony evening, a snail as it were,

Came plummeting downward as thoughts turned to blur;

And ere I could fathom the state of my mind,

There loomed in my visage macabre entwined=20

Sinews and tissues with fragments of bone,

Then all turned to vapor, and I stood alone.

The silence of wailing soon tickled my ears,

But laughter was absent, all riddled with fears.

The air was so thickened, all bloody and red,

Then in rode a horseman in search of his head.

I mustered the courage to wiggle my tongue,

But words were all muted, my pallet was numb.

"Forsooth! Forsooth!" the spirit did say,

Then blood turned to curds, and the curds into whey.

I realized suddenly I was afloat

In Girnigoe Castle, a lump in my throat.

The message that rang in my head made me quake,

My clock to my rescue, I soon was awake.

Stan St. Clair

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