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The Grand Lodge of Scotland has reprinted 'The Genealogie of the Saintclaires 
of Rosslyn', compiled in about 1700 by Father Richard Augustine Hay 
(1661-1736), who had access to the Sinclair family papers. Hay's work was 
edited from his papers, now in the National Library of Scotland, and 
published anonymously by James Maidment (1795-1879) in 1835. Maidment's work 
is exceedingly rare as only 120 copies were printed, but it is nevertheless 
often cited as a source by writers on such subjects as Scottish Freemasonry, 
the Sinclair family, Scottish history, and Rosslyn Chapel. This reprint will 
make Maidment's work more widely available. Moreover, Hay's lengthy 
transcriptions of Latin charters relating to the Sinclair family have been 
superbly translated by John Wade of the Department of Biblical Studies of the 
University of Sheffield, who has been a great supporter of the Centre for 
Research into Freemasonry, and given much assistance to the Centre since its 
inception. More details of this book are available at:

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