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Stone Mt. Games Photos

Hello cousins and friends:

The Clans gathered for the 30th Stone Mt. Games this past weekend.
Commissioner Stan St. Clair gave a good account of the Games in an
earlier e-mail to the Sinclair list.  For anyone interested in some of
the "faces" at the Stone Mt. Games, including our Clan Chief, I have
photos posted at the webpage below.  There are 50 thumbnails on the page
.. click on the thumbnail for a larger photo.  (It was a tough job
narrowing it down to just 50!)  I apologize for not having all of the
names, so any help will be appreciated.


Photos from other games, etc.?  Go to the page below and scroll down a
bit: http://www.clansinclairsc.org/gallery.htm


Mel of South Carolina

Mel Sinclair
North and South Carolina Commissioner
Clan Sinclair, USA, Inc.
Email: melsinclair1@yahoo.com

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