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Stane Mountain Games

The games at Stone Mountain last weekend were attended by perhaps record =
numbers, estimated at 40,000.=20

Malcolm Caithness was in great spirits, as were Donald Sinclair Ward and =
Bud Ginn, Mary Selver, Rory Sinclair, Mel Sinclair, Steve Roddy, Linda =
Darwin, Hal St.Clair and myself. Together with our lovely spouses (those =
of us who have them), we Commissioners and officers of Clan Sinclair =
were dressed in our kilts and tartans, and other Scottish attire, and =
were there to relish the moments.

Clan SInclair USA signed up five new members, and greeted old friends =
while making new ones. Glen Cook of Utah was there in the Urquart tent, =
but took time
to greet his SInclair friends.

Chris St. Clair, Mary Susan Sinclair, and Ed SInclair were there =
competing in their respective catagories, and doing a superb job of it.

The weather was a bit cool Saturday morning for the setting up before =
daylight, but warmed up nicely as time went on. Friday night Sponsors' =
gathering was good, but Saturday night was superb, with our Ceilidh with =
the Gunn Clan their chief and ours shared comical exchanges. This was a =
great meeting of Clan Chiefs, but unfortunately the 2002 honored guest, =
the Earl of Montrose, the Graham Chief, was unable to attend due to =
illness, and was hospitalised in Edinburgh. Rory delighted us with his =
very talented piping, and at one point did a duet with the Gunn piper. =
He played both the big bagpipes, and the ancient lowland small one, and =
did a remarkable job of each. He also played several of his own =
refreshing compositions. What a talent! If anyone has not heard Rory on =
the pipes, it is a must.

The weather held out till tthe end, and the sprinkles barely began while =
we were exiting the park late Sunday afternoon. Lots of pictures were =
taken by my wife, Rhonda, as well as others. We will be sharing when =
they are available.

Yours Aye,

Stan St. Clair, Georgia Commisioner, Clan Sinclair Association, USA

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