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Sinclair Dates

   October 25

   1154: Stephen d.,
   [2]King of England dies.

   1415:  Agincourt,  Henry  V  of  England  defeats  the  French  on St.
   Crispin's Day.

   1760: George II d., King of Britain dies.

   1854: Charge of the Light Brigade,
   [3]During  the  battle  of  Balaklava, 670 British cavalrymen made the
   famous  "Charge of the Light Brigade" including four Sinclairs.Source:

   1923:  Teapot  Dome  report,  Senate committee publishes 1st report on
   Teapot Dome scandal implicating Harry F. Sinclair

   1929: Albert Fall convicted, Former Interior Sec Albert Fall convicted
   of accepting $100,000 bribe from Sinclair Oil Co.


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