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Dirty Pink Sinclair's Oink Oink

The Sinclair Miniature Swine

 is a Hormel-derived miniature swine which was developed at the =
University of Minnesota. Sinclair (Hormel) is the oldest stock of =
miniature swine developed specifically for biomedical research. The =
Sinclair Miniature Swine are very friendly and easy to work with. They =
come in a variety of colors, either solid or combination, which improve =
identification. They have a slow growth rate making them a very good =
miniature swine for toxicology studies. The Sinclair Miniature Swine =
have been recognized as animal models in many research areas: =
cardiovascular, musculoskeletal (osteoporosis), urogenital, cancer =
(melanoma), immunology, reproductive, toxicology, teratology, =
dermatology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, nutrition, pediatrics, etc.=20

Check out the Sinclair Research centre here   =

After checking my children's bedrooms today, this might be where my =
Sinclair's get their genes!

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