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Message for "Sinclair" about King Henry VII and the Sinclairs

This message, please, is for "Sinclair" who lives in France.

Dear Sinclair,

       I was hoping very much that, since you know so much about history, you 
could answer for me a question that no one else has been able to answer for 
me.  Do you know how the Sinclairs were involved in preventing King Henry VII 
(born 1457; died 1509; King of England 1485 to 1509) the first Tudor king of 
England from coming to power?  I read a reference to this fact, but the 
source did not go into any detail.
Having visited the impressive castle in Pembroke, Wales where Henry VII was 
born, I have become interested in learning more about him.
       Thank you very much for you assistance in this matter.


Susan M. Grady
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