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Re: From today's John O Groats Journal

In a message dated Sat, 5 Oct 2002 8:12:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, jsq@quarterman.org writes:

> >It is long since I left my native land,
> >Where all my forebears lie,
> >Where the wind blows keen o=E2=80=99er vacant moors,
> >Beneath the dome of the sky.
> >But I shall never forget that land,
> >Nor the feel of the sun and the rain,
> >Nor the mile upon mile of heather in bloom,
> >Across the treeless plain.
> >Though time and age may make me frail,
> >That spell will hold me fast,

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

This was posted as part of an obituary of a Mrs. Bain Turner. It was read at her funeral. It is the first and last verses of the song "The Moors of Caithness" by George Mowatt. I have since tried to find the complete lyrics, but have yet to do so. Does anyone know this song?

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis

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