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Re: German - Welsh Sinclairs !?

I would suggest that you:

Start with the known to the unknown.  Have you found Gwyndreth's marriage or
death certificate which would possibly show his place of birth & parents'
name.  Have you found where he was buried or a marriage/death notice in the

check the 1910, 1920 or 1930 Census if he was located in the United States.

check the 1901 or the 1891 Census for Wales

find Gwyndreth birth certificate in Wales.  The LDS (Mormon) have the index
on microfilm and they are by year first than by quarter.  There is something
called Free BMD on the internet (http://freebmd.rootsweb.com/) which is an
index to the England & Wales Civil Registration and by Thu 3 Oct 2002 it
currently contains 40,978,318 total records (38,094,140 unique records)  for
the period 1837-1901

Rexdale, Ontario

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> Hello i would like to get to know some Family background.
> we only know very little of our Family History and we only know that my
fathers father s Name was Gwyndreth Sinclair and he originated from Wales he
was born about 1898-1902 somewhere in that area but thats all we know can

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