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Re: 2 hurricanes in 1 week is rather trying...

I'd be more than happy to share with you.  My poor roses are being whipped to pieces by the wind and the rain is coming in sideways - by the bucketfull.  I'd rather have this than a drought though.  Mother Nature isn't being nice to any of us this year.  Friends in Ireland say they had no summer at all....
 Jean Stokes wrote:Hi Penelope,
If you could send a few gallons of that rain over this way we would be 
grateful. Australia looks like having a very very real problem with drought 
this year. Mind you, we are also a little biased about where we live too. 
Melbourne, Victoria is usually known as one of the places where you can 
experience four seasons in a day. However I hope you ride out the hurricane 
OK and not too much damage is suffered where you are.

>but I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Here in Jefferson 
>Parish, Louisiana, it's usually an annual occurrence, this battening of 
>hatches. This week we've had to do it twice. Isidore

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