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Re: Passing of Laurel Gene Fechner Clan Sinclair USA Historian Emeritus

As is Ivan, I am a Hoosier. Laurel's daughter at one time lived in Indianapolis. Laurel contacted me to arrange a dinner together while in town and visiting her daughter. It was a wonderful and happy occasion. She and I also stayed in touch with E-mail, snail mail, and phone calls. Her last letter in September told me her cancer had spread to her other lung and she had great difficulty breathing. 

Her body is now new. She is in heaven with her forebearers, and her childhood pets. I will miss her very much. She has done a lot for Clan Sinclair. She was not a drinker, so I always offered to drink for her. A small glass of Highland Park for you tonight my dear Laurel. Rest in peace.

Donald Sinclair, fellow Hoosier
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