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2 hurricanes in 1 week is rather trying...

but I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  Here in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, it's usually an annual occurrence, this battening of hatches.  This week we've had to do it twice.  Isidore dropped a ton of rain on us and Lili is howling outside my window at the moment.  At least she isn't carrying quite as much rain as Isidore.  We'll probably lose electricity eventually but so far, so good.  How long it is before the power is up and running again is anybody's guess.  After Betsy in '63 it took 3 weeks.  And wouldn't you just know it - my freezer is chock full of steaks, fish, shrimp and crawfish.  I hope all the neighbors are hungry.  At least we won't lose the house this time.  That happened in '69 with Camille.  We lived in Pass Christian, Mississippi, at the time.  My mother and a brother still live there - different house of course - on higher ground.  Camille left us only the front steps to the house.  Thank God none of us was in it at the time.   Back to Lili - She's supposed to make landfall a bit to the west of us.  I'm up keeping an eye on it while everybody else is sleeping.  How can they sleep through a hurricane this close?  Have no idea.  Since even the Sinclair List has no rousing arguments going on I had nothing else to do.  Hence this report.  Any questions out there?

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