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Sinclair Dates

   September 28

   1066:  William invades England, William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy,
   [2]arrives in England. [3]Nine(?) Sinclairs are with him.

   1698: Darien fleet in West Indies., First landfall in the West Indies.

   1779:  Samuel Huntington, is elected President of the United States in
   Congress  until  July  6,  1781.  During  his  term  the  Articles  of
   Confederation were approved. He was the first American president under
   a  formal  union.  He  was followed by: Thomas McKean, [4]John Hanson,
   Elias  Boudinot,  Thomas  Mifflin,  Richard  Henry  Lee, John Hancock,
   Arthur  St.  Clair, Cyrus Griffin. Samuel Huntington was proceeded by;
   Peyton Randolph, Henry Middleton, John Hancock, Henry Laurens and John
   Jay in the first Continental Congress. --[5]labehotierre@wanadoo.fr


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