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Civil War, USA--E.H. Sinclair, Ohio and Jackson County, Missouri

I am not sure how many local public television stations are currently running 
the Ken Burns Civil War piece, but thought this might be of possible interest 
to list members. It comes to me from a volunteer in the Kansas City area who 
passes on Sinclair/St. Clair items as he encounters them.  Not sure if E.H. 
links to the contingent of Virginia ST. CLAIRS in Jackson County at the time, 
but he certainly ended up living in the same area.

Chris Melahn 

Information as forwarded to me:

E. H. SINCLAIR, sewing machine agent, was born in Delaware County, Ohio, on

May 2, 1841, where he was reared and educated.  In 1861 he enlisted in the

4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I, with which he participated in many

severe engagements of the late War, among which were Gettysburg,

Fredericksburg, Battle of the Wilderness, Chancelloriville, Rumley,

Peninsula and many minor engagements.  When he first enlisted he was made a

corporal, and was regularly promoted to orderly, or first sergeant.  He was

honorably discharged in the summer of 1865, after having served over four

years.  Then became engaged in the railroad business and followed it two

years, and was then elected deputy marshal and deputy constable at Pleasant

Hill, Missouri.  This he continued for two years, and since then has been

engaged in his present business.  He was married in 1875 to Mrs. Lillian A.

DARBY, of Pleasant Hill, Missouri.

Source:  Lee's Summit section of "The History of Jackson County, Missouri"

published in 1881

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