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Castle in St. Clair sur-Epte, France


       When my husband and I visited St. Clair sur-Epte in June 2002, the 
mayor told us that the ruins were of a castle.  We spoke to him in French as 
no one there speaks English.  Just across the Place Rollon from the church is 
a butcher shop "La Boucherie."  If you face this shop, you will see to the 
left a small road between two buildings. If you walk down this road less than 
1/4 of a mile you will see two different ruins of the castle.  A sign in 
French on the wall (it is high up on the wall) on the street says "To the 
       In the book "A Genealogical History of the St. Clair Family" by L.A. 
de St. Clair, published in France in 1905 states that around 984 A.D. a king 
of France built the castle and that it was here in the castle that Rollo the 
Viking and King Charles the Simple of France signed the Treaty of St. 
Clair-sur-Epte in 911 A.D.


Susan M. Grady
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