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Re: sur-Epte last year

>> Here are some pictures of St. Clair sur Epte from summer of 2001:
>>  http://www.quarterman.com/~gretchen/places/scse-2001.html
>I was wondering what  your telling Libby while the photo is being taken in
>front of the hermits hut. Are you sharing your wisdom with this 10 year old,
>or are you just warning her not to drink your coke that your making her
>carry for you

Probably just discussing the hermit's story.
Or just telling her about networking.

>And in the last picture. Are you showing the child that even 101 year olds
>can still climb walls? Nice photo's!

I think she was wondering how I knew about this place.  I told her
because I'd been there before years ago.  (In 1995, to be precise; I
have those pictures around here somewhere, too.)


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