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Re: sur-Epte last year

Dear Glen Cook

You have weeviled  your way to the heart of the matter?  You may not have
heard of Sir Dough de Santo Claro, who whilst fighting the in the yeast was
in bad knead of proofing. His son rising to the occasion battered the
Pillsbury dough boy into a bakers dozen. At Easter his progeny are know and
remembered as the cross bun lads. Sir Dough was a direct descendant of
Durum and the lovely Amerindian Soft Red Winter. their grand child was born
1683 AD in Vienna Austria when a baker grateful to the King of Poland for
saving Austria from Turkish invaders. reshaped the local bread so that it
resembled the King's stirrup. The child was named "beugel,"  from the German
word stirrup, "bugel"


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