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Re: sur-Epte last year

The ruin in St Clair-sur-Epte is not a castle It was a fortified bakers
house.  The king then owned all ovens in the part of France he
controlled.this one was built to defy the by then English Dukes of Normandy.
All that is left is the King's oven

You could call it The Flour of Chivalry:

The oldest documented bakers' of the kings oven  were Pontoise, France.
Louis VII directly chartered the group in 1162AD In exchange, they had to
pay a yearly tax of a "hogshead of good wine" to the king. Bakers'.


Ref Ashley, Sir William. The Bread of Our Forefathers. Oxford: Clarendon
Press, 1928.

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> Here are some pictures of St. Clair sur Epte from summer of 2001:
>  http://www.quarterman.com/~gretchen/places/scse-2001.html
> Most of you probably recognize in the bottom row the

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