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Re: Mssr. LaFosse, redux

Interesting web site.
I wonder how others in this forum feel about Michael's claim to the throne
of Scotland?
If his lineage claims are valid then he at least is a Pretender to the
throne if it existed as separate from the English one. However it does not
as such, so should it?  Michael claims that it would provide further
benefits for Scotland in terms of recognition on the world stage.  One
thinks of parallels of other semi-autonimus regions such as Quebec where
local laws and practices provide separation from Canada in many aspects such
as banking and commerce.  Never have been sure whether there has been an
economic benefit to that separateness.
One wonders whether a monarchy in Scotland would really help the country
come out from under the shadow of its southern dominator?
Has he enlisted the families of Scotland to his cause?  Would Sinclairs rise
to his call?
If Malcom is on-line, how do you stand on this issue?
David Sinclair

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