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Irish Sinclairs - (Part 3 of 4)

From: The Saint-Clairs of the Isles, page 324, Chapter XIV.

             I R I S H    S C I O N S 

    VI. JOHN SINCLAIRE, of Richmond Road, Auckland City, New Zealand, was born
at Cushenhall, County Antrim, Ireland. He married Mary Carson. Issue--
      1. JOHN, born 1863.      2. AUGUSTA.      3. THOMAS.
      4. EMILY, married in 1896 to W.J.Blair, of Karangahake, New Zealand.
      5-6. Twins: HENRIETTA, dead; MARY, married in 1897, C.C.Ferguson, of
      7. CONWAY.      8. AMY.
      9. FREDERICK, collegiate, Auckland College and Grammar School.
   The Sinclairs of Holyhill, County Tyrone, and this Belfast family have
considered as descended from two brothers who came from Scotland at the
time of the 
Plantation of Ulster early in the seventeenth century. It is to be observed
that the 
members of this branch have, since the earliest times, used a final "e" in
spelling the surname--the family tombstones show it since 1759.


    1. GEORGE SINCLAIR, from Scotland, settled in County Armagh, and held
until his 
death the agency for the estate of Viscount Gosford. He is described in
deeds as 
"Esquire and Gentleman," and his descendants account him to be a nephew of
St.Clair, the attainted Master of St. Clair. He died on the 10th October,
1787, aged 
67 years. Issue--
        1. ABRAHAM.    2. ROBERT, died in Jamaica, 1st April, 1784, aged 32.
        3. ALEXANDER, died 10th April, 1804, aged 37.
        4. ARCHIBALD ACHISON, died 4th May, 1843, aged 69.   Issue--
               1. GEORGE, died 7th January, 1811, aged 27.
    II. ABRAHAM SINCLAIR, born in 1749, predeceased his father, dying 26th
1787. He married Elisabeth Johnston of White Hall, a connection of the
Peels of 
Cumberland. She took her children to England for their education, returning
to Market
Hill when her son became of age. She died on the 16th April, 1824, aged 68.
        1. JAMES, died 24th January, 1779, aged 16 months.
        2. GEORGE, died 16th November, 1825, aged 44 years.
        3. ELISABETH, died 27th February, 1814, aged 30 years.    4.
   III. ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR, born 1786; died 28th January, 1827, aged 41;
Frances, daughter of Compton of College Hall, County Armagh, and Mary, his
daughter of Arthur Richardson of Rich Hill Castle, County Armagh. Mrs.
died 15th March, 1833, aged 30.    Issue--
        1. ABRAHAM, unmarried.    2. GEORGE, married.
        3. MARY JANE, married Dr. William Gray of Market Hill, and died in
1843, aged 24, predeceased by her husband and son.
        4. ELISABETH, died unmarried in 1850, aged 29.
        5. ANNE, married Robert Greene (+ 1852), and died in 1885, aged 69.
                     GEORGE GREENE, resident at Cape of Good Hope.
                     FANNY HARPER GREEN, residing at Ballymena.
    James St. Clair, son of George Sinclair, senior, went to America, and
was never 
afterwards heard of.
    ROBERT SINKLER, Of Comber, County Down, was born in 1595; married, circ.,
1619, Giels Gordon, who died in 1673, aged 74 years. Issue-
         JOHN SINKLER, born 1620; died 1681.
 *Contributed in 1891 by Abraham Sinclair to the Hon.C.H. St. Clair, of
Morgan City, 
La.: See tombstones i,t Mullaback churchyard.

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