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Re: Holy wars.


We agree!!! In fact we may share some of the same "oxymoron scientist"
acquaintances!!!    ;-)

I confess to having a fair amount of antipathy toward popular culture and
its blind, slogan-chanting intolerance. It is the same ugly phenomenon that
drove the masses to enjoy Templar persecution, witch trials, and more
recently sneering at returning Vietnam war vets.

Personally I don't agree with fundamentalists of any stripe, but we ought to
leave them alone until and unless they step on other's rights...


> Today's "popular culture" holds ANY fundamentalist group in disdain. It's
> the notion of "I'm right, you're damned" that irks the majority of people in
> Western cultures, anyway. In the U.S., the largest and most obvious
> fundamentalist group is the Christian (Right), so they take the heat. The
> problem with any fundamentalist (read "extremist") sect is that their faith
> tells them that anyone who doesn't believe as they do is inferior -
> appropriately bound for damnation of some sort. I have friends who are
> "fundamentalist atheists" - and, no, that's not a oxymoron. Their faith is
> science, and they believe that anyone who believes otherwise is a fool and
> deserves not to be heard. The fact that the edge of their knowledge ("What
> is beyond the universe as we 'see' it?") still requires faith - faith that

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