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see the Walloon site http://www.wallonie.com/wallang/

"Walloon is a close relative of French - but should not be taken for a
dialect of French, although it has often been considered so. The
relationship seems to be comparable to that between Scots and English in the
UK, or Asturianu and Castellano in Spain, or Letzebuerguesh and German in
Luxembourg. There are - at least - three language levels in Wallonia:
standard French, Walloon in its different dialects, and our local French (ie
a dialect of French) which is more or less deeply influenced by Walloon. "

ref H. H. Turney-High, Château-Gerard; the Life and Times of a Walloon
Village 1953.

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> A Walloon was originally a Celt and a speaker of a French dialect in
>  But when I lived and studied in Belgium, the term Walloon was applied to
> French speaking, which is to say approximately the southern half next to

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