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Re: commentary on history

dear Sally

Sherlock Homes might wonder if Jean Wholylite, could be male or female, is a
native English speaker.  The heavy use of the etymological: German words
such as Weltanschauungs,  Festung and Schadenfreude coupled with the
misininterpation of simple English sentences and the oblivious dislike of
the French are only the tip of an iceberg.

The Dieppe raid has become obscure and labelled a success.  A success for
who?  The defenders, German Nazis who
inflicted 67% causalities? The lack of understanding a translation using
alliteration, labelling it instead a mistranslation.

The Germans often presumed to speak for all of German speaking world.  They
admired Churchill and the British.  They asked Britain to join with them. I
note that the writer presumed to speak for all of the English speaking
world. she/he did not say native English speaking.

What is her/his shoe size? Does any one have anything, to discuss? History
or perhaps an answr to the question  are these removed cousins available for
inter breeding? Can a first cousin 4 times removed marry a cousin and still
keep within the Popes good graces? Who is the pope anyhow? was there ever a
Sinclair Pope?


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