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Re: Saint Clair in SPAIN

Dear Roy

I found this on the web.
"Saint Clair, a family owned winery, were pioneers to the Marlborough wine
industry first establishing vineyards in 1978. The Saint Clair name
originates from the vineyard property which was originally settled by the
'Sinclair' family. (James Sinclair built the first home in Blenheim and was
closely associated with the development of the early town). Grapes were
originally supplied to local wine companies, however a desire to extend the
quality achieved in the vineyard through to the finished wine led to the
establishment of Saint Clair Estate Wines in 1994. Wines are now exported to
over 20 different countries"

One of my favorite London bars serves SAINT CLAIR PINOT NOIR, 2000/2001from
New Zealand
and describes it as "Lovely strawberry fruit on the nose and balanced oak
with sweet fruit flavours sustained to the end." I nicked the wine list!

Can you tell us anything about James or other members of the Sinclair family
in New Zealand?

In the New Zealand Queen's Birthday Honours for 2002 Robert Graham Sinclair,
of Christchurch. For services to business and the community and Arthur James
(Jim) Sinclair, J.P., of Auckland were mentioned.


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> It takes a New Zealander to prove there is a market out there for people
> with a risk factor,  in this case wine and I quote from to-days morning
> paper.
> New Zealand has almost doubled its annual wine sales to Spain due to one

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