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Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

I happen also to think that detention without access to attorney, without 
recourse to a writ of habeas corpus, without speedy trial are all wrong, 
especially for US citizens or aliens in the US. There are wartime precedents 
to the contrary but not in an open ended undeclared war when it will be hard 
to say when or what the end is.  These rights are in the U.S. Constitution 
and when the appeals in the U.S. federal courts are completed I am certain 
that the US Constitution in all its grandeur will be upheld.

I never saw Sinclair's request for info on French Canadians resisting the 
draft in World War II.  I have read of it but do not have source at hand.  
Any detailed Canadian history of the period, or dissertation on French 
Canadian and English Canadian relations, would have it.

On Louis XIV's not associating with his nobles, that was in a quote from the 
web-master that I was responding to.

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