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Re: First Cousin Four Times Removed

There is a chart  put out by Cousin Finder, Copyright Dale Tallkington
400 East Northrup Drive
Midwest City, Okla. 73110, which lays all this out on a single page.

People commonly refer to a first cousin once removed as their second cousin.

If one's mother has a first cousin, the child of that first cousin is not her 
second cousin but her first cousin once removed.  By the same token you are 
the first cousin once removed of your mother's first cousin.  One has to go 
down parallel lines the same number of geneations to get to second cousin. 
The child of your mother's first cousin and you are second cousins. 

The chart starts out with an individual in the upper left corner and moves 
across the top of the page to the individual of the seventh generation, from 
brother\sister through aunt/uncle, niece/nephew; great aunt\uncle etc, great 
great aunt\unce etc.and moves down the left side likewise in equal number.

Where the third column across and the third column down intersect is First 
Cousin.  From that box one moves an addition four generations across or four 
down to reach First Cousin four times removed.

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