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Re: note for Bannockburn and Gilbert de Clare

I see my email lost the format I typed so I probably confused matters.  I 
will try again.  Hope the new format retains.

 First I must say that my information is not primary, nor secondary but the 
compilation of a variety of sources that may not make the top ten reliable 
genealogical materials.  My family tree program computes relationships upon 
request and that is how the relationship was calculated.  I welcome 
corrections or objects (like that needs to be encouraged on this list).  Here 
are the two lines compared to each other side by side with ancestors to 
descendents with the computation of the first cousin's four time removed 
  Gilbert DeClare line   
1.Gilbert DeClare/Isabell Marshall                                            

2.Richard DeClare/ Maud DeLacy                                            
3.Gilbert the Red DeClare / Joan of Arce         
4.Gilbert DeClare b. 1291 no desc.       

Thomas Saint Clair line
1.Gilbert DeClare/Isabell Marshall                                           
2.Richard DeClare/ Maud DeLacy                                           
3.Gilbert theRed DeClare's  Brother isThomas DeClare/Juli. FitzMaurice
4. Margaret DeClare/ Bart.DeBadlesmere  Margaret is Gilbert's first cousin
5. Margaret DeBadlesmere/John DeVere   Marg is Gilbert's 1st cous.1X removed
6. Margaret DeVere/Sir Nick DeLovaine  Marg is Gilbert's 1st cous. 2x removed
7  MargaretDeLovaine/PhillipSentclere  Marg. is Gilbert's 1st cous.3x Removed
8. Thomas Saint Clair   Thomas is Gilbert's first cousin 4x removed
Hope this clarifies the relationships as I have them.    

As per Robert Bruce, here is what I have:
Refer to Gilbert DeClare line above #1 who married Isabel Marshall.
  Their daughter 
1. Isabel DeClare (b. 1226) married Robert Bruce (Scots baron, Lord of 
Annandale) who died about 1295.  
They were parents of 
2. Robert Bruce who married Majorie ??? and died before 1304.
Parents of 
3.Robert Bruce born 7/11/1274

Clear as mud right?                                                           

Marilyn K. Eddy Siperek
Great Valley, NY

Marilyn K. Eddy Siperek
Great Valley, NY