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1944 6 September

6 September 1944 the Nazi turned his wrath from the V1 Rocket to the
deadlier V2.

On the 31 March 1943  the Secretary of State for the Air Sir Archibald
Sinclair had stated

"... no instruction has been given to destroy dwelling houses ... the
targets of Bomber Command are always military."

 In a Report to Sir Archibald  the Chief of Air Staff Sir Charles Portal,
wrote on 14 February 1942

"... Bomber Command only bombs for purely military purposes and only aims at
achieving military objectives, any suggestions of attacks on working class
or residential areas we reject as absurd and an attack on the honour of the
airmen who sacrifice their lives for their country..."

The V2 first deployment killed 3 people on Sinclair Road in the Sherpard
Bush area of London.


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