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Re: Sinclair babes shipped as slaves

Dear Sinclair and Annie,

This has been a very stimulating conversation, and it is not my intent to
hinder the flow.

Not being an Australian, I can not empathize, but I can sympathize from the
point of an American which has spent much time in reflecting on the history
of our great nation and attempting to learn from it. In the past many blacks
were indeed treated badly here, but on the other side of the coin, hatred
has gone much to far on both sided. Blacks in America are now in better
position than ever, with great opportunities to advance. I fully agree with
the comment of Sinclair regarding Ronald Regan, whom, as stated so aptly,
"...Did a great deal for racial equality in America when he opposed the
silliness of affirmative action programs and viewed all Americans as
Americans." Jobs should be granted on merit alone, with no consideration of
rece, creed, or color. This practice is still not in true use in America.
Affirmative action is as detrimental to proper hiring as the archaic
prejudices of our past.

 The worst crimes here, as alluded to by Annie, was  the government's
treatment of Native Americans, especially, the Trail of Tears, in which
Cherokees were rounded up and herded like amimals to Oklahoma from their
native eastern hamelands.

"We hold these truths as self-evident, that all men are created equal."

This should be our banner. Love and tolerance for all must prevail...
In America, Australia, and Africa, as well as Europe and Asia. The world
drastically needs a brighter day.


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>Look in the mirror you will see an Australian, a native Australian. A good
>looking native Australian.
>The much hated by Liberals American President Regan did a great deal for
>racial equality in America when he opposed the silliness of affirmative

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