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Re: Sir John Sinclair's History of the Revenue.

Hi John:

> >Dear John:
> >The source is Sir John's mother Lady Janet Sinclair whose family Bible
> >the following as quoted in Mitchison who had the book to read from:
> Well, that's pretty primary.

totally agreed!  and thank-you

> >...
> >I never want to argue with Burke's but this information is from primary
> >documents and from a scholar with impeccable credentials.  There are
> >portraits today in Thurso Castle of Lady Diana Sinclair.... There must be
> >more in Burkes that you have missed  .... or they missed it.
> Looks to me like Burke's is only showing children who had titles or issue.

You may be on to something there although they have John who was only a Rev.
... still doesn't excuse getting the mother "disappeared"

> >So what do we do now?
> I'd say you've got the primary source, or a copy of it; why not write
> to Burke's and ask why the discrepencies?

Not a bad notion.  I wouldn't know how to go about it but I guess checking
the web site would show me.

Sir John was Sir John -- he didn't even have a middle name.   I have spoken
about him to his descendants, to historians and have read more than my share
about him.  No one ever called him James.


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