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RE: Sinclairs and the battle of Bannockburn

	I believe "The Lion in the North" was published in the 1970s or 1980s., the
1983 edition still available second-hand or new.    For a more recently
published history, I would recommend "Scotland: The Story of a Nation" by
Magnus Magnusson.  This "Jumbo" book of more than 700 pages tells it all
from the time of the first Mesolithic settlers in 7000 B.C. to the present
movement for independence.  This is what Laura Kiby of London's "Sunday
Express" has to say about book, "Magnusson has distilled the past to give us
a romp through history that is as gripping as --but but far more accurate
than -- any Hollywood blockbuster...The book will fill many a dark winter
evening for anyone who wants to learn more about Scotland's complex past or
view British history from a perspective that is often overlooked --the
Scottish one."  This is  a new history and Amazon.com., last I saw, had the
best price on the book -- $28.00.  You can also find Magnusson's history
book in most book stores, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Book A Million, etc.

Bud Ginn
Historian, Clan Sinclair USA

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Susan--I have been looking for a good book regarding Scotland's history.
Most of the ones I have seen contain phrases such as "the brave Scottish
lads", etc.  I was hoping to find something a little less emotional.  Do you
recommend "The Lion in the North"?

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