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Did Louis XIV Really Exclude the Grand Nobles?

Jean wrote "It is stated that Louis XV surrounded himself with his
ministers,excluding the grand nobles..." Who is that stated by? Is any
information available on the court of Louis XV?

Louis XV was the great grandson of Louis XIV whom he succeeded at the age of
five.   He was known as  le Bien Aimé

I wrote about Louis XIV. . "He convening a council, on  a  daily  basis,
from  which he excluded grand nobles, surrounding   himself  instead  with
ministers."  This has nothing to do with the court of Louis XIV I would like
to know more about Louis XIV court.

Perhaps Jean can  give more information about Louis XV court. I wonder what
the subject line has to do with Louis XV. Jean's subject line "Did Louis XIV
Really Exclude the Grand Nobles?" or for that matter with the time line

>From  La Salle and his colony in 1685 to the ceding of French Louisiana to
Spain in 1762,  Accounts of Frenchmen in Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico is
filled with accounts of discovery, exploration, territorial ambition, war,
trade and Indian diplomacy. With the encouragement of Louis XIV, French
explorers were quite active in many regions of North America.

There is a Sinclair connection tenuous and vague When the German naturalist
Heinrich Balduin Möllhausen visited the territories once held by France in
North America the lithographic work for his books was done by, in part, by
T. Sinclair of Philadelphia.


The Pictorial Record of the Old West:, Heinrich Balduin Möllhausen Robert
Taft Kansas State Historical Society 1948

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> Dear Jean
> The entire line reads . "He convening a council, on  a  daily  basis,
> which he excluded grand nobles, surrounding

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