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Re: Sinclairs in southwestern Virginia

Susan, There are quite a few of us out here in 
god's country. We are from Alexander Sinkler who came to Va. in 1696 or 1699. Our line is through Wayman and his son Robert, my g.g.grandfather was Meador StClair,g.grandfather John Henry StClair,grandfather Charles Pendleton StClair. Some were in W.Va before the W. and others came to Montgomery and Giles Cos. from Bedford. My mother and her sisters are still here as are several of their cousins whose grandfather was Peyton StClair, brother of John Henry. Living in W.Va. are the g.g.grandchildren of Ethel StClair Summerfield. We have lost touch with them but their mother was Margaret Summerfield Grey married to Alex Grey and lived in Oak Hill,W.va. I would like to apologize to some of the list who have written and asked for information but I have misplaced all my written family records and what I have given you is off the top of my head. Although it is probably not a valid reason to be so lazy that I can't get myself to organize this place, I am helping my best friend and one of the people I cannot remember life without and never dreamed of life with her not here leave us. She has cancer of the pancreas and we have had a wonderful year since we moved home, one good thing about the StClairs, we may be nutty and have short fuses but by golly we can sure laugh at the things that life slings our way. So if you send me an e-mail it may take a day or so before I read it and I may not relpy for a while but be assured I do read all of the list and some days it is the funniest thing I see. As I reread this I see that most of this post has no direct reference to the family history but just skip the parts you don't find to your liking.  Best to all of you as always, Charlotte Gellis
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