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Re: Dieppe (part one)

And not to forget....Thanks, Claire Simmons

At 06:21 PM 8/22/02 +0200, you wrote:

>27 February 1942, British parachutists raided St. Bruneval France.  They
>captured parts of a German Würzburg radar set.
>The target at Dieppe was Germany's basic radar equipment--the Freya
>early-warning device.
>The Würzburg, operated an ultra short wavelength, it's range 30 Kilometre.
>The larger Freya radar on a longer wavelength had a range of 200 Kilometre.
>Freya saw Allied aircraft almost as soon as they became airborne under an
>English sky..
>In 1941, British listening posts had become aware of signals emitted by the
>new, high-powered Freya installed atop a cliff between the seaport of Dieppe
>and Pourville, three kilometre farther west.

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