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An interesting date

Although nothing to do directly with "Sinclair/St. Clair".
Picked off CNN news yesterday - President Andrew Johnson declared the
Civil War at an end on 20 August 1866!
It probably took all that time for the news to get out to all combatants
wherever they may have been.  For instance a son of Captain William C.
Whittle and Elizabeth Sinclair Whittle (daughter of Arthur Sinclair (2d
generation), Lieutenant William C. Whittle, Jr.  was on the CSS
Shenandoah in Pacific raiding 6 months after the war ended.  If a
British ship hadn't given the Shenandoah a paper telling of the end of
the war, they would not have known it. Where upon they stowed their
guns, hid their Confederate flag and got back to Liverpool to return the
British built ship to the people they bought it from. England gave them
sanctuary. Amnesty was declared for all the late rebels in 1867 and Lt
Whittle could then return home to spend out his life as a steamboat
captain between Norfolk and Baltimore. Just a little side line history.

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