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Sinclairs and Stewarts


     In the past, people have sent in information about how the Sinclairs 
served the Stuart Kings of Scotland.  Does anyone know if the Sinclairs 
served King James VI of Scotland (King James I of England), the son of Mary 
Queen of Scots?  
     Does anyone know if the Sinclairs served King James' daughter, Elizabeth 
Stuart, the Winter Queen?  She is the grandmother of King George I of 
England, who was born in Hanover, Germany.  He was the first Hanoverian King 
of England.  When my husband and I went to Europe in June, 2002 we went to 
Heidelberg, Germany.  In 1613 Elizabeth Stuart, age 17, married the Elector 
Palatine, Frederick V in Heidelberg.  He was elected King of Bohemia by the 
Protestant Union in 1619 and they went to live in Prague, Czech Republic.  
After the Battle of White Mountain in 1620 they were exiled from Prague.  She 
died in England in 1662.
       Thank you.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia
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